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Haha, another long time fan has apeared into this community!  I was reading some of the old

lmb_challengefanfiction and got inspired to write a little of my own :3

Just a little drabble.  Hope ya like~



Title: Bothari
Author: digiella
Rating: none
Character: Miles (Vorkosigan fandom)
Prompt: hearts

The things you ended up missing most, Miles reflected, were the things that you took for granted while they were there.   He stared the Sergeant Bothari’s coffin from the other side of the room, a small sob escaping every now and then.  How would he continue without his trusted man beside him?   How could he ever reclaim the Sergeant’s honor that was so easily forgotten in the sins of the past?  Miles had know Bothari had an unmentionable past though the details had only recently been revealed but this was the man that had saved Mile’s life three times and was so close to his heart that he could feel it breaking into more and more pieces as time went by.

Bothari had been his pillar of strength for so long that when it was yanked away he could feel the world spinning.  Or was that the nausea doing that to his perception?  The cabin buzzer blatted.  He ignored it.  And then, suddenly, he knew what he going to do: one day at a time.  He could honor Bothari in his soul even if no one else would, and it would mean something.  He would make it mean something.  Bothari had given him that, a self worth that he would keep deep inside even though sometimes it was hidden even from him.  The shattered puzzle that the Sergeant’s death had made of his heart hadn’t been repaired yet, and a few pieces were still loss, maybe forever but maybe he would be able to keep moving forward.  If only to keep his promise to Bothari and take him home.  To Barrayar.


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