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15 September 2012 @ 04:18 pm
2012 Ficathon - wrap-up post  
We've had thirteen fics written for the ficathon this year, and some of them are impressively long, too. Here is a masterlist:

Control by Lanna Michaels, for the prompt BDSM. Everyone thinks Vorkosigan controls him; Ezar knows better

Evasive Maneuvers by avanti_90, for the prompt Ivan during The Vor Game. Gregor's missing, Miles is off-planet doing god-knows-what, and Ivan's feeling pretty damn exposed.

The Messenger by avanti_90, for the prompt Alys marries Aral instead of Padma

And the Darkness Shall Turn to the Dawning by Elvaron, for the prompt Alys marries Serg Vorbarra, becoming Crown Princess of Barrayar. Her only real protection from her husband is a young ImpSec officer with an eidetic memory chip...

The Worth of Water by shimotsuki, for the prompt A Whit-and-Berry missing moment - perhaps their courtship, just after they marry, or traveling north from Graymouth before they meet up with Fawn et al.

Ground Zero by Elvaron, for a Captain Vorpatril's Alliance prompt

Further Up and Further In by hedda62, for the prompt You know all those Betan survey ships that go into wormholes and don’t come out? They go to Narnia.

L'oiseau qui vole by hedda62, for the prompt Aral, in a fit of wickedness, assigns someone to follow Simon everywhere and keep notes, to see how he likes it.

(I May Be Paranoid But) No Android by Lanna Michaels, for a Captain Vorpatril's Alliance prompt (fic does not contain spoilers)

Dancing the Woman by nnozomi, for the prompt Kareen before Serg

Uncle Simon by Philomytha, for the prompt Miles is the closest thing to a son Simon has. (contains Captain Vorpatril's Alliance spoilers)

Defending the House by Philomytha, for the prompt Count Piotr tries to get the Vorrutyer family out of his son's life - by any means possible.

News from a Safe Distance by Gwynne, for a Captain Vorpatril's Alliance prompt

If you're still working on a fic for one of the prompts, that's fine, just post it when you're done. I'll leave the collection open so that you can add it there, though prompting and claiming prompts is now closed. (Still, if you happen to see a prompt there that inspires you six months from now, by all means write the fic anyway!)

Many thanks to all the writers, and to everyone who took part!