May 10th, 2006


Longfic: "It's a long way to Escobar"

It's a long way to Escobar
by jetta_e_rus aka Georgette

Slash, PG-13. Drama, action, a detective story.
A novel of the twenty chapters and about a 45,000 words.

Translated from Russian by Georgette with the help of Philomytha aka Blaise.
Now the translating is in progress yet.

See the First, Second and all the following chapters here.


The missing episode between the Chapters 6th and 7th of the "Shards of Honor".

The Barrayar invasion fleet marched off towards Escobar. The Emperor appointed
Lieutenant Illyan to look after Aral Vorkosigan as his personal spy - or a
personal bodyguard, perhaps? Is it possible to find a common language for two
persons so different: the disgraced ex-Admiral Vor Lord and the industrious
Emperor's observer?

The POV of Simon Illyan. Another characters besides the originals are: Aral
Vorkosigan, Ges Vorrutyer, Crown Prince Serg, Admiral Vorhalas, Sergeant Bothari,
Emperor Ezar etc.
Ludwig - "Nice doggie."

Drabble comm

I recently started a drabble community called the dendarii_100. Stories are suggested to be limited to 100 words, and new challenges are posted every Wednesday.

The first week's challenge is Challenges.

Come join up, if you're interested! All types of fic are welcome.
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